Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Iraq For Sale: Interview With Director Robert Greenwald

Filmmaker Robert Greenwald joined Keith tonight to talk about his new movie Iraq for Sale and the egregious war profiteering of Halliburton and subsidiary Kellogg Brown and Root in Iraq. Keith starts the segment off by reporting on the story of Ray Stannard -- the Halliburton employee wounded in a convoy attack in Iraq who was offered the Defense of Freedom Medal on the condition that he sign away his right to sue Halliburton. Of course, Halliburton misled Stannard by saying that the document was a medical disclosure form when, in fact, it frees them from all legal liabilities.

Greenwald, who held a press conference with Democratic Policy Chairman Byron Dorgan (D-ND) yesterday on the lack of war profiteering accountability, talked briefly about Henry Waxman -- the Ranking Member on the Committee of Government Reform -- who, if the Democrats take the House in November, will use his newfound subpoena power to hold these people accountable.

Some of the highlights -- or, more appropriately, lowlights -- of Senator Dorgans hearing on Iraq Contracting Practices can be seen here.


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