Saturday, September 09, 2006

A Look Back : Rare September 11, 2001 Briefings

CSPAN 3 has been running 9/11-related programming in twelve-hour blocks for the past few weeks. Today I was able to grab these two press conferences that really piqued my interest: the first is of Mayor Rudy Giuliani and Governor Pataki and the second is of Defense Secretary Rumsfeld. They were both recorded on the day of the attacks.

I'll post some more thoughts and analysis later. Comments are welcome and if anyone wants a copy of the raw file, email me at

Giuliani/Pataki Press Conference Part 1 - 9/11/01

Giuliani/Pataki Press Conference Part 2 - 9/11/01

Secretary Rumsfeld // Department of Defense Briefing - 9/11/01


Blogger u2r2h said...

I REALLY like your blog, and your outlook on things. I have a feeling you might be a good critical person to employ in public service... if only as a watchdog.

Must I remind you that you promised us analysis of the Pataki and Rumsfeld briefings? Maybe you can produce FOTTAGE-SECONDS with the golden quote and then give an ASCii text that puts it in context and gives background.

I trust you heard the ANDREW GROVE (?) mp3 where he explains that Pataki and Giulani were both MORGENTHAU (sp?) underlings .. ???

please keep at it...


7:07 PM  

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