Saturday, September 09, 2006

What Everyone is Forgetting About 9/11 ABC "Docudrama"

Everyone is forgetting the most important part of his whole debacle:


Kerry fought bravely in Vietnam and won medals. Bush went AWOL from the National Guard. And yet, Karl Rove has people convinced Bush is the warrior. Don't let them do this to the Clinton.

As I noted earlier, this is controversy is most likely a Rovian stunt intended to divert attention away from the BUSH adminitrations record.

Bush has a terrible record on protecting the homeland; 9/11 happenned on his watch.

Contrary to what the administration maintains -- that 9/11 was "a complete surprise attack" -- it is well documented that the threat level was extremely high in the spring/summer of 2001 and both Tenet and Clarke stressed the urgency. This was an unprecedented risk period and the WH sat on their hands.

When Bush and Condi say "noone could have imagined flying planes into buildings," they are either outright lying or criminally negligent. NORAD DID conduct drills before 2001 that anticipated the very same kind of attacks. Read the USA Today article for yourself.

Read the Aug 6th PDB (the highest intelligence briefing the President gets) that warned of the looming threat. It doesn't say time and date but that never happens with intelligence. However, it's a clear warning of "suspicious activity" consistent with a "hijacking." What more do you need to AT LEAST raise awareness at the airports?

See here and here for examples of how seriously the Bush administration took the terrorist threat.

At the very LEAST, the Bush administration is incredibly imcompetent and THAT'S what lead to 9/11. This is on Bush's shoulders.


Blogger Praedor said...

I hate that nonsense line, "No one could have imagined using planes as missiles...blah blah". What it says is that so long as we thought that the terrorists would only hijack planes the old-fashioned way and kill one or three people, that's A-OK with us and we wont lift a finger to stop it. If only we'd known that they'd hit buildings...of corporations...THEN we'd lift a finger. Oh well, our bad.

They say that hijacking is OK so long as the planes aren't to be used as missiles. They didn't care at the time because they didn't care about the people involved in "regular" hijackings. As a matter of fact, I have long held the position that the Admin knew and expected the attacks, just as all the many warnings indicated, but that they did expect "boring" they would just let them go through and make political use of them. They got a surprise, however, with the actual manner in which the hijackings took place. THAT is where they were caught flat-footed. They are literally speaking the truth that they didn't even imagine that the expected hijackings would play out as hijackings-to-missiles.

They wanted and expected the attacks for political gain but were shocked at what the reality was...but still took political advantage as per the original plan.

7:58 AM  
Blogger ChurchCommittee said...

They knew al Qaeda planned on using planes to attack the G8 Summit in Genoa. I give them much less credit than you do. If FBI investigations weren't stymied and ignored (see: Pickard video), Colleen Rowley and Robert Wright could have gotten the alert to the right people and potentially averted the attacks. Counterterror Clarke said that DCI Tenet "had his hair on fire." They knew an attack was coming. I know math isn't the Presidents strong suit, but he should have been able to put two and two together. I'll tell you what though; PNAC sure got their wishlist fulfilled when those towers expolded.

9:05 AM  

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