Monday, September 18, 2006

Did CBS Restrict Mahers "freeSpeech"?

During last Friday's episode of Real Time, Bill Maher told his panel that CBS restricted him to a list of "approved topics" for his upcoming appearance on the Evening News' "free speech" segment after he initially wanted to talk about religion. CBS denied Maher's version of the events saying:

"Bill Maher was never told that he couldn't discuss religion in a 'freeSpeech' segment. In fact, 'freeSpeech' has already addressed religion and we expect others will in the future."

Maher joined Joe Scarborough last night to talk about the whole episode and had some choice words for President Bush and the neo-con "sentamentalists" who've completely botched the Iraq invasion/occupation:

"And by the way, when people like me ask questions about; Does it still make sense to have these troops under fire? That's supporting the troops. Asking for a plan is supporting the troops. Sitting around and parsing the meaning of civil war...that's not supporting the troops...that's supporting the President, and hes not a troop, he just plays one on tv."


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