Wednesday, September 27, 2006

FOX News Disingenuously Blames Jamie Gorelick for 9/11

This has to be one of the grossest examples of FOX News bias and contempt for journalism you'll ever see. 9/11 Commissioner and former #2 at the Justice Department in the Clinton Administration, Jamie Gorelick, appeared on FOX's Studio B to discuss the 9/11 Commission report and how it matched up to the Clinton Wallace interview.

In typical FAUX fashion, the interview quickly changes to accusations of negligence on the Clinton administration's part. The host even sets the interview up by saying, after a short and misleading clip from the interview, that the 9/11 Comission found Clinton "didn't do enough to get Osama bin Laden." Watch attentively and you'll notice him looking over to his producers who are prompting him to provoke Gorelick with patently false & partisan-injected propaganda. "Washington Times is reporting that you're going to appear before a new 9/11 commission"? Are you kidding me? This is even worse than what Wallace tried with Clinton although the result was the same; complete smackdown.

Gorelick sets the record straight and smashes a favorite right-wing talking point -- this notion of the "Gorelick memo" in 1995 that erected a "wall" that restricted interagency intelligence sharing. This is a complete crock. The "wall" had existed since the 1980's therefore predating both her tenure and her memo. Furthermore, it came out during the 9/11 Commission hearings that Ashcrofts Deputy Attorney General, Larry Thompson, RENEWED the terms of the Gorelick memo in August 2001. If the Wall was such a monumental problem, why was the Ashcroft Justice Department adopting Gorelick's own interpretation and guidelines into their operation?

FOX has no shame. They're still on top but at least some people are waking up.


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