Saturday, October 14, 2006

Sweet Subpoena: Nine Tough Questions for Congress

Mother Jones:

Capitol Hill is way overdue for a blockbuster investigation. Here are nine questions to get Congress rolling—if it has the guts.

1. Who lost Iraq?
2. Did Rumsfeld order torture (and if not, who did)?
3. Who blew 9/11?
4. What did the airlines know, and when did they know it?
5. How wide is the domestic surveillance net?
6. Is Big Oil pulling an Enron?
7. Who's making money off your retirement?
8. Why is the morning-after pill not at your 7-Eleven?
9. Grounds for impeachment?

...In the past six years, congressional investigations of such bold, searching nature have disappeared. In a post-9/11 environment of silence and fear, the mood inside Congress has mirrored the bunkers and barriers outside: No one dares question the military or the intelligence services too closely, or to push the president too far. The Caucus Room continues to be used for party meetings and social events, and every so often there is a potted inquiry, as in the case of the 2003 hearings on the space shuttle. But on issues of war and peace, of corruption and graft, of civil rights, civil liberties, and constitutional breaches, meek questions are the rule, answered by dull assurances from the White more

In a Democratic House, John Conyers would chair the Judiciary Committee and he's already told Amy Goodman of Democracy Now that he would seek the creation of a select committee to investigate the Administration's misdoings and, if necessary, recommend impeachment hearings.


Blogger SadButTrue said...

If Democrats win control of Congress on Nov. 7, the smart thing for them to do is use their subpoena power to investigate the missing $Billions earmarked for rebuilding Iraq. This can be made to look like a non-partisan bid for fiscal responsibility, but has a very good chance of leading to bigger and sleazier things.
No matter whether you're a 'drown the gov't in the bathtub' type or a 'we need more services' liberal, NOBODY espouses a policy of 'tax and give it to your cronies.'
This is the political no-brainer of the century, and has a much better chance of leading to an impeachment and conviction than just going straight for an impeachment.

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